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a Quick Introduction

YouTect was born in the summer of 2013 and was chiefly inspired by the organizational problems experienced upon managing a thriving hotel business. The challenge was that the lack of communication and the absence of structured collaboration were creating further problems within the business. The tools available at the time primarily focused on transactional and operational functions, whereas what was needed was a solution tailored to hospitality management with an emphasis on the strategic aspects of the business. With an attitude of ‘when you can’t find what you want, build it yourself’, we embarked on an exciting journey.

Apart from the apparent need for an integrated solution within hospitality, we have been inspired by the latest trends in management thinking and the arising need for more open, collaborative and adaptive organizations or, in other words, what ‘Organization 3.0’ entails as an emerging paradigm. With that in mind, we worked towards empowering all the stakeholders of an organization to participate in the co-creation process of the ‘travel product’. With the use of the latest technologies we developed a platform that we named “YouTect”, combining the idea of self (“You”) and “Tecture” (=Create, Build).

The first successful application of YouTect in the hotel business has further encouraged us to continue building it into a ‘one-stop solution’ that supports collaboration in all types of organizations in the travel sector, including travel agencies, DMO’s and hospitality associations. These positive results confirmed our most optimistic estimations and were also in line with the conclusions drawn after years of research. Although Travel 3.0 is the first child of YouTect, the architecture of the platform has already attracted interest from other products including Education and E-government.

YouTect is a living software system. In this spirit we invite Organizational Leaders to join our Community and ArchiTect together solutions for more alive and meaningful workplaces!

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